March 2014

Waking up with a big one @ The Body Shop

16th March 2014

For as far back as I can remember, my mum always had Peppermint foot lotion from the Body Shop, fully stocked in every bathroom in the house, as “You should always look after your feet Dan” she would tell me, while wearing metallic taupe midi heels, synonymous with the late 80’s. Similar to the way Monica from ‘Friends’ had fancy guest towels, my mum also had fancy guest soap, the Body Shop’s Fuzzy Peach, which would only be put out for use when we were having a party or expecting guests, after which it would be swiftly taken away, safely stored in a container until next time. So it would be more than fair to say that I have grown up on the Body Shop and even now, can’t live without Mango Body scrub and Body Butter, so you can imagine how keen (as mustard) I was when I received an invite to their new Flagship store on Bourke Street to check out their new larger than life products.

As if I wasn’t excited enough, upon arrival I was greeted by two super handsome men wearing nothing more than a towel. I later found out their names were Mr Olive and Mr Pink Grapefruit. I’m ok with that. After some yumo breakfast, we were shown through some products, including their new ‘Big ones’; supersized Body Gels & Body Butters which are limited edition and unbelievably good value for $$. To finish up, the two Mr Men were kind enough to pose for photos and all in all, my morning couldn’t have been any better. I’ve always been a Body Shop Shopper and this was a great reminder why.










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