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Blogging with Lemon Lime & Bitters

Last night as I was doing my usual blog trawling, I was perusing the lovely Margaret Zhang’s blog, Shine by three, (check it if you haven’t, she’s aces) and came across a post she wrote regarding investment pieces and what’s worth spending your hard earned dollars on and what isn’t. Now while this was a great read that I thoroughly enjoyed, it was the comments after the post that actually got my mind ticking. You see, like most big bloggers, Margaret has plenty of lovers, all sending her positive vibes and happy thoughts, but there was one commentator, who was fairly sharp in her disdain for the post. She basically said Margs should reference her position of privilege in getting free stuff and stop pretending she doesn’t use a credit card. (see the post here)Kinda harsh I thought, but it got me thinking, do we as a collective blog browsing society, really just have the lemon lime bitters towards bloggers these days and if so, why?


Margaret Zhang at MBFWA

As a blogger myself, I can see the two sides of the coin. Most people wouldn’t realise that there are many a blogger out there who don’t get paid for their posts, who don’t jump at the chance to receive free goods and more importantly, who don’t ask for them either. (Me) Seriously though, there really are these peeps out there and they fork out the money to pay for their own flights to events or fashion week and legitimately buy most of the new clothes they post. Yes, they may get show & event invites but generally, an invite doesn’t equal flights, accommodation and spending money with a cherry on top, unless you’re a particular celebrity or the highest level of fashion blogger, and we all know who these guys are. So before we get too comfortable on our soapbox, maybe we should ditch our assumptions & try to see whats really going on, because remember kids, Instagram isn’t the real world, having lots of followers is like being really rich in Monopoly, it’s not real. Which brings me to the other side of the coin, and this side is Xtina dirrrrty.

Unfortunately, the volume of less sincere bloggers seems to seriously outweigh that of the aforementioned and these guys are seriously damaging to the world of blogging. Why? Because when social media & blogging came about, the reason for it’s rapid success, was because it provided a platform for everyday people, you and me, to communicate and share our ideas, images & thoughts without motive or incentive. Amazon is the perfect example of how the peer recommendation program took off and is living poof that we peeps, prefer and trust a recommendation from a real person, a friend or someone we know as opposed to a paid advert and you know what, companies and advertisers also know that, hence the inadvertent next step, to mix advertising with blogging. It was always going to be the eventual outcome, because where there’s opportunity there’s usually a business dollar driven strategy not far behind. And thats ok, but the bigger problem is that for many, this unabashed lack of integrity is quickly turning people/readers, viewers off and thus making them bitter toward the blog world, claiming it’s nothing more than paid advertising space, which sadly isn’t that untrue. Now see all this could be avoided with some disclosure, a concept lost on many.

Is this maybe why there are some ice cold commentators out there? Possibly. Most likely. Ironically though, at the same time as the trust fading, the blogger rise to fame is continuing and reaching new heights everyday. They now face campaigns for just about anything, from clothing businesses to electronics to even car companies and it would be remiss of me to say that building a business out of your blog is a sell out, because it isn’t, it’s incredibly smart, as long as integrity remains paramount and by this I mean, ensuring that your ventures remain in the realm of what ever it was that brought you to your fame in the first place. Too quickly, bloggers can jump at the sight of gifts, payments or free things, despite a lack of meaning or relevant connection to them, hustling and bending themselves over backwards in a desperate overkill of daily instagramming, spamming their followers feeds, all in the name of ‘blogging’. We all know these people, they’re the ones shamelessly ‘loving’ & mentioning a new brand everyday without any form of disclosure, the simple little word that could change everything, because in the world of social media despite what some people think, honesty & openness is still highly valued. Now this might sound harsh, but sadly it’s these people who are taking blogging to a nasty place driven by endless endorsements and faceless two way deals, “Hey, we’ve never met but I’ve got heaps of followers, so you tell everyone how much you love my blog and I’ll tell everyone I’m dying over your style”. Um, No, it’s transparent, desperate and ruining it for readers/viewers/followers who are more interested in genuine content or the actual blogger as opposed to the products they’ve been endorsed to promote.

Now this is starting to sound a bit ranty which was definitely not my intention, so Dan, pull your head in and lets look at some pictures. Seriously though, as you can see, it’s a very two sided story when it comes to blogging, and I guess you never really know who’s being paid what or if they’re the ones actually paying, but what I do know is that for me, as soon as I get a whiff of meaningless narcissistic advertising, sorry I mean Blogging, I’ve hung up. Mentally. And hopefully increased your bounce rate. No thats just mean, I don’t really hope that, I wish you happy thoughts and leave quietly…

If you’re interested in reading more about this sort of stuff, then check out the following articles:

Fashionista – How Personal Style Bloggers are raking in Millions – How Fashion Blogging has become big business

Buzzfeed – Fashion Bloggers make tons of money from brands, so what?

Maja Wyh

It’s very rare that I do an entire post on a sole person, but Maja Wyh is an exception. Aside form the fact that I personally really love her outfits, I actually think that she is a great example of a blogger who dresses with a level of realness, by that I mean she wears/styles her clothes in a way that doesn’t let them wear or overtake her. I really don’t need to say more, I’ll just give you some of her pictures and strongly suggest you check her blog and follow her on Instagram too…




















IMG_0678 2_Fotorn






































all pics from Maja Wyh’s blog

Sunday Slow Day




















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Catwalk of Words

One of my fav bloggers, Alice from Catwalk of Words and one third of The Influencer, is a finalist in the Pedestrian TV Ultrabook Blogster awards, so I’m saying you should all get on it and give her your vote! All it takes is a quick ‘LIKE’ so Vote via the Facebook like option here, She’s super fresh and more than deserving of the win! While you’re at it, check out her blog, Catwalk Of Words





day 1 copy



Follow Alice on Instagram @catwalkofwords

on Twitter @catwalkofwords


on Tumblr

Whats what with Fashion Blogs

After reading Amy Odell’s piece about fashion bloggers on Buzzfeed (which you should definitely have a look at, thanks Gabs) it made me wonder how this Web 2.0 inspired fashion fad came about, whats the difference between them all and how sustainable are they. I don’t proclaim myself to be an expert by any means in this area, but I thought Id share my take on whats what with fashion blogs…

Personal Style Blogs

This is a group of people who’s blogs are based on sharing their outfits. They run their own blog which contains images, both professionally & unprofessionally taken, of themselves, in a variety of different outfits sometimes in quite random locations in an effort to make their images appear more editorial. This is also the group hardest hit in Odells article, claiming their shameless narcissism is what makes them so loathed by the fashion elite.

If this group takes your fancy and you want some high end and editorial looking bloggers, then hit up Gary Pepper  or Style Heroine


Garry Pepper’s Nicole Warne


Evangelie of Style Heroine

If high street, fast fashion is more your thang, then head on over to We Wore What or Victoria Torenegren


Danielle of We Wore What


Victoria of Victoria Torenegren

If you like your stylistas served with a bit more edge then check Fanny Lyckman or Twinfashion or The Black Cape


Fanny Lyckman


Nef & Nat of Twinfashion


Marija of The Black Cape

And finally, if you prefer an entrepreneurial big business blogger who is her own brand, then check The Blonde Salad or Fashion Toast


Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad


Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast

Fashion & Diary Blogs

The difference between this group and the above group, is that these sites tend to have a mixture of self outfit pictures, along with fashion recommendations (sometimes advertising) and lifestyle reporting, which some might even call a diary. This group usually get slammed for their aforementioned lifestyle reporting, which some claim is more of a ‘this is what I do everyday in my pretend fabulous life’ involving pictures of travel, outfit selfies and fruit salads. These guys however, are the bloggers Odell refers to as having a means to the end of their blog. Make up your own mind on these guys and check out Shine by Three or Style By Kling or  Sincerely Jules


Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three


Elin Kling of Style By Kling


Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules

Streetstyle Blogs

This is where it gets different. These sites should not ever be confused with ‘Fashion Blogs’ and typically have very little to do with the actual person who creates the site, as the creators are usually street photographers who focus on street style. To be the object of a streetstyle photographer is (sometimes) the secret wish of a high percentage of fashion week attendees, excluding the fashion elite of course. These sites are my personal favourite, as I love a good real street look. Check the original streetstyle blogger, The Sartorialist and while you’re streetstyle browsing check out my personal fav, Streetpeeper. After that, head over to Stockholm Streetstyle, Facehunter and Lee Oliveira.


Anna Dello Russo by Scott Shuman for The Sartorialist


Christine Centenera by Phil Oh for Streetpeeper


Jac Jagaciak by Stockholm Streetstyle


from Facehunter


by Lee Oliveira

So there you have it, somewhat of a breakdown of fashion blogs and a few pointers on who to hit up for what. So now with that there, I must ask, where to from here for fashion bloggers? More outfits? More sales pitchs? Who knows! But without sounding like the grinch, I stand by the age old saying that ‘all good things must come to an end’ and if so, what does this end look like and how far away is it. Me thinks not too far unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your viewpoint) but with society’s ever insatiable appetite for bigger, better, shinier, newer, I see the lifespan of some fashion bloggers cut very short, because soon it wont be enough to just post pics of yet another outfit involving yet another pair of denim cut offs or your newest netaporter purchase or a summary of your instagram week, because readers/viewers will want more and someone somewhere out there will be ready to give it to them.

It is well known in the digi world and proven in fact, that social media fads are no different to a simple fashion fad, one minute you’re hot and everyone wants you, but sadly the next minute you’ve been outdone and something else is hotter. Take Myspace for example, or MSN chat (those of you who know what Netscape is will remember yahoo chat and MSN) both highly successful digital communication platforms that quickly died off because something supposedly bigger and better landed, have you heard of Facebook? Anyway I digress, but in the words of the late PM Julia Gills, its really all about sustainability and I just don’t know if some fashion blogs have it in them to develop their own carbon tax, but it will be interesting to observe either way…

The Zara one that wont quit

Fashion bloggers have a tendency to all gravitate towards the same thing and the white Zara skort is the current king piece that just wont quit. I literally cannot browse through any blogs without coming across this bad boy at least once, which is understandable as it is a winning piece, however for me personally this kind of kills it a bit and definitely turns me off. I was exposed to and impressed by the skort when one of my besties, rocked it out about a year ago, well before it even arrived instores here, and since then, it just seems to be popping up everywhere, which is great for Zara’s sales and for bloggers wishing to emulate fellow bloggers, but bad for anyone else wanting to wear this little white guy and still look unique. Hmmm, consumerist world problems… So anyway heres what the blogosphere are doing with it…
























zara barpque sweatshirt white skort alexander wang kyla sandals_4


13 - 7







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Fashion Bloggers… Thoughts

Lets talk fash bloggers, as they appear to be multiplying before my very computer screen. They also appear to be the new authority in fashion, dictating trends and wearing the ‘must have’ pieces well before the magazines have even had time to print their upcoming issue. High street labels such as Zara and H&M have flourished even more so under the new found blogger reign, as initially, fashion bloggers came into power based on their ability to style themselves in affordable achievable pieces from local & high street stores, as opposed to Vogues offering of monthly must haves, which would usually include pieces from Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel, not to mention the amazing new $24,000 Bvulgari earrings they think we all need.

Thanks to user created content and smart phones, fashion bloggers can upload their pics, thoughts, posts and outfits quicker than you can say stylesnooperdan (shameless plug). This helps serve our (by our, I mean society) growing need for immediate information on the go and really allows for fast fashion feeds, something the magazine industry struggles to compete with. No longer is it good enough to wait 30 days between monthly fashion mag fixes, when bloggers upload daily/weekly and probably hourly thanks to instagram #ootd. Only yesterday did my icon, Zoe Foster reveal on her instagram, that within 4 minutes of seeing a picture of a bikini she liked, she had been able to google it, find it and purchase it:

@ ] zotheysay I saw this image of Rihanna posing in a Charlie by Matthew Zink swimsuit. Liked it. Googled it. Found it. Bought it. Four-minute turnaround. I’m not sure whether to be impressed or disgusted with myself.   2d

The roll on effect of this is enormous and filters right down to the economic success/decline of many retails businesses, hence their strategic decision to not fight the trend, but to embrace it and so it appears that the idea to ‘adopt a blogger’ was born.

Now the validity of fashion bloggers and their opinions, is constantly being challenged, probably because, like in any industry, there are always a few dodgy ones that give the rest a bad name. So what is a ‘dodgy blogger’ you ask? Well to me, a dodgy blogger is someone who’s popularity has led them to an unhealthy level of narcissism or someone who has blatantly sold out and has replaced their regular posts with advertisements/promotions for companies or brands that you just know have paid the blogger to do so. A dead giveaway for this type of thing, is when your blogger starts to consistently begin posts with: “Im so excited to be working with ….” or “……have invited me to try out their new…. and Im loving it” Sorry, but this makes me hang up. Mentally. I have now in one swift second gone from blog browsing to advertising.

Dont get me wrong, Im all for collaborations and supporting those who support you, but when your super stylish go to blogger suddenly takes a severe style detour to wrong town and begins to only talk about a certain C grade retailer that they have never once mentioned, let alone worn before, you know something dodgy bloggerish is going on. While this can be soul destroying (maybe slightly dramatic) I, personally, believe in giving everyone a second chance, so wait a week, then go back to that blog and see what she/he/they have posted since then and hopefully it’s something a bit more real.

In saying this, I must say that I do still love a good old recommendation from someone and generally, I will only try a new product/line/company/brand/version if it has been recommended to me by someone I consider reputable, so while this is quite the paradox, I suppose for me, I filter through the dodgy sell outs and decipher for myself, who I will be guided by. At the end of the day, I love fashion bloggers and I spend a huge amount of time on their sites gaining their content for my site, so I cant stress enough that I fully support and love love fashion bloggers, as long as they stay true to being a legit blogger and continuing to do what it is that made them popular or worth listening to in the first place. A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about what I look for in a blogger, you can check it here, and without going into all that again, to me, a good fashion blogger is unique, not just a rehash of every other blogger going round and someone you can relate to. Someone with unique style and a sense of humour about it all too, because at the end of the day it’s just fashion, it’s meant to be fun, lets not let the $$ overtake everything. So now that you didn’t ask for my thoughts on fashion bloggers, there it is, so heres some food for thought, some of the biggest fashion bloggers going around…

Click on their image to head straight on over to their blogs, so in no particular order…

Angelica Blick

Angelica Blick


The Man Repeller

Camille Over the Rainbow

Camille Over the Rainbow





The Fashion Guitar

The Fashion Guitar

Look de Pernille

Look de Pernille



Fashion Toast

Fashion Toast

Style Heroine

Style Heroine

The Black Cape

The Black Cape

Oracle Fox

Oracle Fox

The Petticoat

The Petticoat

We Wore What

We Wore What

Victoria Tornegren

Victoria Tornegren



Shine by three

Shine by three

Gary Pepper Vintage

Gary Pepper Vintage

Harper & Harley

Harper & Harley

Catwalk of Words

Catwalk of Words

Sincerely Jules

Sincerely Jules



What would Karl do

What would Karl do

Songs of Style

Songs of Style

4th and Bleeker

4th and Bleeker

They All Hate Us

They All Hate Us





India Rose

India Rose

All images are from the site they represent

Bright & Sunny
























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A year in the life of the Facehunter

Check this vid on the brilliant photographer, Ivan Rodic otherwise known as the Facehunter…


Ivan’s visual website is probably one of the best looking pages Ive seen in a long time, the layout is incredible and Im obsessed with it. Check it here and his Facehunter page here

What do you look for in a blogger?

One of the most frequent questions i get asked, is where I get my images from and my response is usually to check the list of sites at the bottom of the post, as I always (99% of the time) credit each site Ive found the images on. I do this for a few reasons, mainly because the images are not mine (and I never claim them to be) and I believe in supporting other bloggers/websites in the hope that this positive karma will come back and others will support me and my site. But on from this, I began to think about why I go to certain blogs each day, and really if I think about it, choosing a blog that I like, well its kind like looking for a partner, there’s elements that are essential otherwise it’s a deal breaker. So what are my essentials when looking for a blog? Well…

Firstly, my blogger needs to be real. I like to know who’s telling me whatever it is they’re telling me behind the computer screen, so I like to be able to put a face to the name. I also like to see something different from what I’m seeing everywhere else. I like my blogger to have a really different and unique style, and showing me something that’s interesting. I don’t need to see an outfit post with another Kenzo jumper with a Dannijo necklace, Celine bag, boyfriend jeans, YSL ring and strappy heels.

Secondly, I like a blogger with personality and a sense of realism. I don’t need my bloggers to be overly serious and I certainly don’t need them to pretend their daily life is an editorial. Don’t spew out pictures that are so overly calculated or taken in environments you’d never actually be in (like perched on a drain pipe in a junkyard) its a blog, not a 6 page spread in Harpers. And while I’m on the point, remember what you are, a blogger. Not a model, so there’s no need for any awkward leans, irregular hair touching or ‘I’m just looking down at my shoes because I think I dropped something’ poses.

Thirdly, I like my bloggers to adopt the kiss principle. Keep it simple stupid. Just smile, keep it real, talk to me about fashion, show me some fun photos and that’s it. That’s all I need from a blogger. For all my other fash needs such as models, campaigns and editorials, I’m more than content hitting up Vogue, Harpers, and BoF.

Now before everyone begins to yell ‘yeah yeah, but’, let me say this: Yes, I put lots of pics up on my site of some of these very things, but I cant stress enough that when I do, it’s because I like or I think the outfit they are wearing is interesting and not because of anything else. Controversial maybe? Probably.

So here’s a few shots from some of my fav sites, because I feel like these people are real and just doing it for the love of the fashion…

Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller



Columbine Smille, Columbine




Marija Filipova, The Black Cape




Nef & Nat, Twinfashion



Julie Sarinana, Sincerely Jules



Alice, Alyce & Ashli, The Influencer


Nef & Nat

Twinfashion is one of my fav blogs and put together by the 2 gorgeous Georgala girls, Nef & Nat. They take awesome pics and it’s nice to finally see some bloggers that actually have a unique style!

If you haven’t already, then you need to check these 2 out. Follow them on instagram @nef_twinfashion & @nat_twinfashion and Facebook here

Absolute babes, love them, love their blog… love love love















The ‘Circus’ and the dirty word…

Given the large amounts of blogs and fashion sites I visit daily, it has been hard not to come across various sides of the debate sparked by the article written by Suzy Menkes, entitled ‘The Circus of Fashion’. Menkes is a well respected fashion writer/editor for the International Herald Tribune and has an incredible wealth of fashion knowledge and history thanks to her being in the industry for almost 20 years. Her aforementioned article, outlines her concern for the ‘circus’ that is fashion week, more specifically the pre-show shenanigans. This has incited numerous of responses form all corners of the world of fashion, with bloggers and fashion sites all weighing in.

In her piece, Menkes quickly establishes herself as a part of the ‘real’ fashion crowd, opening with “We were once described as ‘black crows’ us fashion folk” quickly diminishing any doubt in the readers mind that her coming opinions are from anywhere but a worthy source. This statement in itself, sets the reader up for the tone of whats about to come. And boy does it come.


Menkes begins to point out that the shows these days, are more about whats happening on the outside than the designs being showcased on the inside. She laments those who pose for street shots, those who take the street shots and even those who blog, solidifying her idea that the opinions and mere presence of these people at the shows, is for nothing more than to be seen and therefore dubious.

Ah, fame! Or, more accurately in the fashion world, the celebrity circus of people who are famous for being famous. They are known mainly by their Facebook pages, their blogs and the fact that the street photographer Scott Schuman has immortalized them on his Sartorialist Web site. This photographer of “real people” has spawned legions of imitators, just as the editors who dress for attention are now challenged by bloggers who dress for attention.

PSITI find this particular paragraph perplexing, as Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) is, in his own words, ‘a photographer of romance’, a concept seemingly lost on Menkes. Schuman rarely publishes his subjects names and is more concerned with the overall image and the feeling it evokes, rather than what designer they are wearing of whether or not they are considerable ‘stylish’. Consider this image Schuman took of Giovanna Battaglia. In 2006. Seven years ago.

On the flip side however, I can agree in part (a very small part) with the notion of dressing to be photographed. This is something that is born out of vanity, and as Giovanna Battaglia points out, actually works hand in hand with fashion. Everyone is considerate of what they choose to wear each day and to most, it can be their strongest form of self representation, while to others it can mean very little. Personally, I think dressing and choosing an outfit needs to be organic and I believe that it can be very visible when someone is wearing an outfit that is overly calculate, and this, I believe is what Menkes is referring to when she says “They pose and preen, in their multipatterned dresses, spidery legs balanced on club-sandwich platform shoes, or in thigh-high boots under sculptured coats blooming with flat flowers”. While I believe this could have been articulated in a more effective way, I do concede that there are surely a few people who do deliberately dress in an inorganic way (for them personally) in order to draw some attention of the flood of photographers. But in saying this, why does it matter and who does it hurt? If you don’t like it, don’t look at it and most certainly don’t tarnish all people with the same brush.


I dislike the concept of separating the ‘real’ fashion folk, from the so called ‘intruders’ by means of colour and personal style. What gives the presence of a conservative, all black wearing, French attendee more merit than that of someone wearing colour, pattern and enormous shoes. And who is the so called ‘authority’ to police this. In my eyes, no one. Fashion is individuality and despite the role someone has at Vogue or any other reputable publication, they still boast simply, just another opinion.

Menkes goes on to raise the question of the integrity of the bloggers (a neat term she uses to pigeon hole a huge variety of different people with 1 very small thing in common) referring to the golden rules of journalism, ‘that reporters don’t take gifts (read: bribes)’. Again, this is a point that I can understand, but what actually bothers me is, for fashion bloggers, the idea of pushing or promoting something purely because you are being paid to do so and not because you actually use it, wear it or think it’s any good. In my mind, this transforms you from an independent blogger to a sales person. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, providing it isn’t dressed up in a ‘I’m not being paid for this but I just love love x,y,z’ kind of post. Leandra Medine and Natalie Joos both weigh in on this point citing their own experiences and views and I very much respect their honesty and candidness when doing so. As established people in the fashion world, both Medine and Joo’s rebut Menkes article with an enormous amount of thought and careful consideration, maintaining full integrity as they do so.


Natalie Joos, Leandra Medine & Susie Lau, all have responded to Menkes piece

All in all, I believe Menkes is writing from a place of nostalgia, craving the days gone by of fashion, when it really was some form of an elitist club, accessible only to those exclusive enough to be invited, and in a way I can understand why. But I do not support this notion. It is important to acknowledge the change in not just the fashion world but in society, as for Menkes it will quickly become difficult for her to remain relevant in the eyes of the public, if it is that very public that she is trying to keep at bay, safely on the outside of her ‘velvet ropes’ a mere memory of days gone by. Digital technologies need to be embraced, as they will only continue to grow, so my suggestion would be to embrace the change, as many of them look up to you, don’t disappoint and disregard them, empower and support them. Embrace a new breed of colleagues, even if they don’t look and act the way they once did.

I write this all with an external view. Under no circumstances do I take myself for an authority on not only this issue, but the fashion world as a whole. I write this, as for some reason, this debate has sparked an interest for me. I only wish to express my personal opinions on what I imagine goes on at fashion week, as I have obviously never been to one myself, so please do not misconstrue my mere opinions as anything more than simply that, opinions. I have a high level of respect for everyone mentioned in this piece, and simply wanted to share my views.

And now, the other responses…

Now Fashion interviewed numerous industry peeps to get their take on Menkes article

Garage Magazine also put together this great little snapshot of the supposed ‘circus’

Check Leandra Medine’s response here

Check Natalie Joos response here

Check Susie Bubble’s response here

Check what Business of Fashion had to say here and lets also give BoF a massive shout out for sourcing their pics for this very article from me here 🙂

This one isn’t a response, but a great read, from a street photographer perspective, check it here

images from,,, man, tumblr, the sartorialist

All Eyes On Us

There are probably more photographers outside a fashion show, than there is inside one these days, as the real shots are no longer just on the runway. This is old news, but I wonder exactly how it might feel to be that person that attracts a scrum of street style photographers lense’s upon their arrival…

shoes christine centenera







Paris Streetstyle, Haute Couture








Street Fashion Styles - Paris Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2012







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Who do you follow

Tonight’s post is a random bunch of images from some of my fav bloggers. Their sites are a daily go to for me, when I need some sort of inspiration and I cant even begin to explain how good their blogs are, so click on the links and get on to them, Stat!


The Black Cape






Look de Pernille


Madame de Rosa

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Stockholm Streetstyle

Stockholm Streetstyle is obviously one of the best street blogs going around, and lately I cannot get enough of their shots. Caroline & Daniel honestly just takes incredible, what you see is what you get shots. If you haven’t checked out this blog, you actually need to, right now, right here.

stockholm streetstyle