Streetstyle trends at MBFWA

So by now, you’re probably all well sick of me spamming your feeds with my copious amounts of streetstyle pics from Sydney Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and for that I apologise, but seriously how could I not when there was so much greatness going on every day. This post, though, is different, I promise, as I’ve finally found a very small window of time to finally talk about the ‘trends’ I noticed going on outside the shows. But first, lets premise this with a bit of what went on upon my arrival…

So it was my first time at Sydney Fashion Week, and honestly, it was quite daunting rocking up on the first day, trusty little canon in hand, outfit neatly put together, wide eyed and ready to go, only to run straight bang into some of the biggest international streetstyle photographers going round. I’m talking Tommyton, Streetpeeper, Le21eme, Threadslike, Lee Oliveira, YoungjunKoo, Facehunter and Nam. No big deal. Instantly, I was horrified by my tiny little canon dslr and felt compelled to ensure no one saw me shooting on auto mode at any time. See these guys and their websites are all my regular go to places for images for the blog, especially during international fashion month, so to find myself hanging around with them (near them is actually more accurate) in between shows waiting for everyone to come back out, was completely unexpected, and definitely the highlight of my week. It was amazing to watch them shoot and get a real insight into how those amazing photos we all see on the big sites every fashion month, actually come together. And let me tell you, it’s very rarely candid. Plenty of posing, requested walking and a lot of ‘styling’ goes on before a lot of these pics are finalised and uploaded. The other great thing was, they were all super nice too and at the end of the day, they were just like everyone else, trying to get a great shot (which they all obviously do quite effortlessly).

Anyway once I got past this excitement, I quickly became entrenched in the weeks routine of grabbing anyone who looked interesting for an outfit snap, running in and around, up and down stairs, in between cars, anything really to get great shots all the while trying to ensure I captured something different from all the other street photographers. All in all, as an experience, it was awesome and something I’m already looking forward to doing again next year.

Now about the actual streetstyle, as with any fashion week, by the end of it, some clear trends emerged and I gotta say, I really loved how much brightly coloured texture was going on. Sequins, holographic fabrics, metallics & neon high lighter colours were everywhere and made for shiny happy people and even happier photographers…







As expected pink was also everywhere, being the colour of the season but thankfully came in more than just a coat…





The ‘statement’ or ‘wearing your words’ was another trend that got plenty of air time on the street, and proved to be one of the simple ways to grab the attention of the streetstyle paparazzi. While some seasoned show goers seemed very aware of this, I don’t think Ollie Henderson was quite expecting the complete saturation of attention her awesome political statement tees received. However once she did, she most certainly used it to spread her message of encouraging young people to not only vote but to get involved with the bigger issues that matter to them, and I must say she was very kind with her time and was more than willing (everyday) to dance, jump and pose it up as requested.






all pics by me




















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