Keeping Up With Kimye

The day has arrived, it’s here, the whole world is waiting (yes, I’m being dramatic, but just trying to create some mood). Kim finally has her Vogue cover & editorial. It’s here.

However… poor old Kim, she’s had to share it with Yeezy and baby North, so technically, she still doesn’t have a Kim K, Vogue cover. Oh well. She does however have an amazing family portrait styled by Grace Coddington and shot by Annie Leibovitz, no biggie obviously and I’m pretty sure Yeezy wouldn’t have had it any other way. Naturally Mama Kris couldn’t have let this opportunity go by without squeezing in on the show, so lucky for all of us, we get to see her in her finest ‘tag a long’ form yet. The one thing I will say I’m not thrilled about, is the first shot here, having poor old Grace C, bending down fixing the train of Kim’s dress, while Kim attempts a textbook ‘high fashion couture’ pose, it’s a bit weird. And look, while I’m on my soap box, why does baby North have no clothes on in all pictures, bar one? We all know they have copious amounts of custom made designer baby wear thanks to Kim’s instagram and the private jet shot is the one that stumps me a bit, surely there’s some baby clothes hanging around somewhere. In saying all this, I do really like the Paris pic of Kimye walking together, mainly because the Alexander Mc Queen dress she’s wearing looks absolutely phenomenal.

Now honestly, I don’t dislike this editorial at all, I definitely appreciate the amazing shots, but I am a little perplexed by it and I do kinda wish Vogue US wasn’t moving into such commercial territory away from more forward fashion editorials, but thats just me. At the end of the day, Anna’s job is to sell magazines and I dare say she’s going to do exactly that with this current issue, so love or hate, we probably still need to see it…









Pics from & the Citizens of Fashion


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