VAMFF Day 7 Target Runway

Last day of VAMFF is sadly here, but at least it went out with a bang, with high street department store Target, presenting a full blown runway show. All the fashion ‘it’ people were there, with a frow fully stocked with some of Melbs best bloggers. The show opened with Dami M (winner of last year’s X factor) who, honestly I don’t know much about, but man alive can she sing. While she belted out her second song, the models emerged with some seriously good pieces on their back, a pleasant surprise and a strong signal that Target is working towards becoming a more serious player in the department store ‘fashion’ stakes. Case in point: the cute as pink winter coat in pic #3, seriously relevant right now and executed so well! Winning!

The finale of the show was the presentation of Target’s next collaboration which is the new petits range by Dannii Minogue, which on a side note, brought back memories of when I was about 6 years old and absolutely obsessed with my matching black and silver Dannii for Target, bike pants and tee. Fortunately though this time around, she has opted not to include a matching bike pant & tee combo, instead opting for more accessible basic pieces like blazers, knits and pants.

Sadly, due to my seriously hideous head cold, I didn’t hang around too long to get any street shots post show today, so on that note, on the last day of what’s been a full on amazing week, I suppose it’s time I bid VAMFF 2014 adieu. It’s been real, it’s been fun and most of all, it’s been inspiring. So VAMFF, I guess I’ll be seeing you next year and until then, the countdown for MBFWA is now on, only 14 more sleeps to go. Bring it on Sydney! Boom!














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