Here comes Kendall Jenner

A few weeks ago, smack bang in the middle of fashion month, a friend of mine sent me a text message asking the following question: “since when did Kendall Jenner become a big deal?” What a valid question I thought to myself at the time, and I promised her I would discuss on ze blog that night, however when I sat down and thought about it, I really had nothing to say on the issue, mainly cos I was like ‘whatever, she walked in one show, so do plenty of models, whatever’. Fast forward 3 weeks and here I sit deliberating about what exactly it is that I need to discuss about Kendall Jenner given that it appears she is setting herself up (translate: paying a lot of people) to be a permanent fixture in the fashion world.

Now for those of you not familiar with KJ, she’s one of the younger sisters of the more prominent Kardashian sister trio and as such is the offspiring of Kris & Bruce Jenner. If this still rings no bells, then just pop the E entertainment channel on for more than an hour, and you’ll surely get to know Kendall a lot more intimately, as we know how much Kris loves selling the lives of her kids for some cashola. Anyway thats off topic, the point of the matter is this: KJ has now signed with Society Management, a new exclusive agency focused on developing long term careers for those who they see has having impressive potential. So this is why we have all been lucky enough to see KJ walk for Marc Jacobs, Giles, Givenchy and Chanel in the last month, but, I suppose I must pose the questions, do we want to see her? Is she the next Cara D? (no, obviously. No one is) Does she have muse worthy potential? (unsure) Will she last more than 15 minutes? (It looks like it) and finally, in answer to the very first question, Yes, she is a big deal and it happened yesterday.

Honestly, after sourcing these images below, I actually think she’s a great model. She has an interesting face, she’s built for it and well, she’s got a decent walk on her too. More than anything though, I actually hope for her sake that her name doesn’t get in the way of her career and dictate her employability. I also kinda hope that she goes this way on her own, leaving out the Kardashian ‘stuff’  and any of the others who try to jump on her bandwagon, because guilty by association can be deadly in the very fickle world of high fashion, so I’m quietly interested to see where and how far KJ will go.


















Topshop Unique: Front Row - London Fashion Week AW14



















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  1. oooooh tough one. I have tried my darndest to stay objective & quiet while trying to make sense of this little chestnut since it sprung up at MJ. Let me state for the record I am neither pro nor anti Kendall, but I find it all very interesting.

    Firstly, if not for all the media hype around it, I wouldn’t have even noticed it was her at Marc Jacobs, nor would I have been any worse off for never knowing it was her. Anyway, given the media ensured I was well aware of it (the publicity machine was clearly working perfectly), I rationalised.

    Marc Jacobs is notorious for (sometimes satirically) playing into the hands of pop culture (hello, Miley Cyrus in the Spring ’14 campaign) so naturally my brain decided “It’s Marc being Marc and that will be the one and only time she lands a runway gig for a major label.” And then freakin Givenchy happened.

    That jolted me out of my Kendall ennui & made me think two things: 1) glad I bit my tongue on the whole one hit wonder at MJ idea and 2) ok, what the frick is going on here, this is getting serious! I couldn’t really come up with a plausible rationalisation on that one. All I could come up with is that every woman and their dog walked @ Givenchy, and with that many models well, you gotta do what you gotta do. Terrible argument to mount even in my own head.

    Then Chanel. Again, Karl being Karl could nearly explain it except… this is the show where in my mind, she actually looked the goods. At CHANEL. Now that is hard to dispute.

    But here’s my beef. If not for the incredibly well oiled (read: paid) spinners behind all the media hype and her family legacy (so to speak) she would have attracted less attention than any of the new faces combined this season. There were a number of first(ish) timers that walked five if not 20 times the shows she did, with none of the hoopla.

    Anna Ewers went even larger this season, as did Binx, Devon Windsor, Lexi Boling, Ola Rudnicka, Nastya Sten, Natalie Westling & Antonina Petkovic among others. Now none of them proceeded to score a spot next to Ms Wintour front row anywhere. That said, they have all since appeared in major spreads in the most respected fashion journals in the world and are being quietly revered by designers and the industry alike… but it’s not being shouted from the rooftops in quite the same way as the trumpets are trumpeting for KJ.

    So really, I think while she possibly has some of the makings of a decent model (sure she’s got the pins for it etc etc) she has a totally unfair advantage when you consider the backing she has compared with a 16 year old fresh off the plane from Poland (Ola). And yeah, I have a problem with that. Because I don’t think she is particularly remarkable in the way some of the other girls are. I mean, Natalie Westing challenges all the traditional ideas of beauty (good on her & those booking her), myriad designers new found obsession with pixie-esque child-like Nastya Sten and the overarching tendency toward booking all things blonde haired & blue eyed this season (slightly unnerving), save Binx who gratefully brings some fresh diversity back into the mix. All of this is far more interesting than the appearance of one girl on four runways thus far.

    As I said though, I harbour no ill will toward KJ and wish her success and happiness the same as I would anyone getting into the industry… I just don’t buy the hype (it used to be my job). Just sayin’.

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