Louis Vuitton AW14

For those out there who have been living under a fashion rock (otherwise known as the real world) then I should let you know that this LV collection was the first for newly appointed creative director designer, Nicolas Ghesquiere, who has been off the scene since his departure from Balenciaga, a year and half ago, where he had been in the drivers seat for 15 years. Now in regards to the show yesterday, I don’t know how to say this without it sounding wrong, so I’m going to just say it and then attempt to explain it afterwards… The Showman has definitely left the building. The designer has arrived…

Now first point I’d like to make, is that by no means whatsoever, do I mean to disregard or disrespect Marc Jacobs in that statement, as anyone who follows my blog, would know my love for him and his time at LV. What Marc brought to the brand was what Karl Lagerfeld brings to Chanel; showmanship, spectacle, show experience along with excellence in creative and technical design. Ghesquiere on the other hand has that simplistic, edgy take on presenting a collection preferring to leave the showiness out of his shows. Now neither is better, in my eyes, I just simply want to point out the obvious differences in direction for shows and collections.

Ok so now that I’ve got that there, lets talk clothes cos they are immaculate in this collection. Ghesquiere has always been known for his finite attention to detail, his penchant for luxe fabrics in an understated way and his understanding of what women actually want to wear, and he demonstrated all of these things yesterday, giving us a slightly late 60’s 70’s inspired woman with clean lines, shorts skirts, glossy fierce dresses and a bevvy of new beautiful bags. The technical detail involved along with wear-ablility factor has given LV back it’s edge, almost returning the house to it’s roots of European design, meaning that these are clothes that will be seen on people, on editors and on plenty of streetstyle blogs, in the streets, not just in editorials. Obviously people with money that is, because I can tell you right now that most of these items will come nicely accompanied with quite a hefty pricetag, lets take that amazing croc jacket for example, the mind boggles.

I was quite sad (probably a bit extreme) at the end of MJ’s last show for LV last september, and despite my admiration and love for Ghesquiere in his time at Balenciaga, I didn’t know how this would pan out, but I can whole heartedly say I’m beyond excited for what lies ahead for both Ghesquiere and LV and I already cant wait for his next collection, so until then, I will save every penny in an effort to purchase something form this collection. Love.



























































































pics from style.com, style bistro, vogue.uk


  1. This is a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Each and every item in this collection is horrible and ugly and home-made-looking. Am I the only one who thinks this? I loved NG’s collections for Balenciaga, but Lord knows how he got away with this. How to drive your faithful followers away in one collection?! Come on – this is truly truly grotesquely hideous. How disappointing……………

    1. It’s interesting to hear a different POV Barbara… good on you for sharing.

      Have you had a read of some of the other reviews? Leandra Medine wrote an excellent piece and I think her opening comments are relevant to your comments… “When you anticipate something so greatly, it is almost inevitable that the product of your expectations will let you down.” That’s the first line, and I think you probably agree with her on that. But she goes on to say “When it doesn’t, you’re probably in the hands of Nicolas Ghesquière.” Which is where I tend to agree with her.

      I’m sure not everyone on earth thinks this collection was sheer genius, but the response has been fairly overwhelming.

      In Medine’s words “He [Ghesquière] showed his debut collection for Louis Vuitton and the response was one universal — real time and digital — gasp of exquisite disbelief. Disbelief because no one had to manage their expectations…. The collection delivered more than it needed to…. the clothes… didn’t do tricks or play games or try to revolutionize the way women dress. They just whispered Ghesquière’s name in the kind of jovial way that sings: I’m ba-aaaa-ack!”

      Camille Charriere also wrote a review that I think was very well put, and what follows is a slew of comments singing the praises of the collection. It may not be your thing, but it certainly seems to have bowled over most anyone I can find.

      Not trying to convert you by any means and totally respect your views, I just find it an interesting discussion.


  2. So the first time I watched the show, I nearly passed out from excitement and could barely take in what I was actually seeing. So I watched it again only to find that I was still so dizzy with euphoria that I could barely breath. Ok, so this might be a slight exaggeration (because I know I definitely didn’t stop breathing nor did I pass out 😉 but I’m making a point here… in my mind this collection is an absolute triumph. For the House. For Ghesquiere. For us the consumers. But mostly, it was Ghesquiere and his slick, modern take on the legacy of Marc Jacobs’ work for the House and its legacy. I too lamented the departure of Jacobs from LV, but to me this came nowhere near to the overwhelming grief I felt when Ghesquiere left Balenciaga. My disproportionate response to that news should really be reserved for the real tragedies in life. But to me, what he did for Balenciaga was (and remains) one of the most epic transformations seen in our fashion lifetimes. So it fills me with excitement to see what the next few years will hold for LV with Ghesquiere at the helm. And in relation to this collection I say Bravo, Nicolas. It is brilliant on so many levels and has provided lust-worthy pieces that truly are RTW, right now… if you can afford the not-so-small fortune that obtaining a piece from this coveted collection would take. All in all… what can I say, I am in raptures.

    Great review on this one Dan. 🙂

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