Givenchy AW14

Aside from Kendall Jenner walking in the show and aside from Rihanna & Kanye sitting front row and aside from Kim K not being in attendance, Riccardo Tisci was in attendance, fortunately, and as such gave us one of his best collections for Givenchy yet. There was a sense of inate freedom and softness that was jarred with objections and constraints all the way through. Soft printed chiffon dresses and shirts were harshly taped in with lashings of red, white and yellow. Any sliver of softness was quickly balanced with a dose of strict finishings. Even the models were forced into uniformity, losing their brows to the white out and red tape, pulling their eyes sharply back, creating unnecessary eye lifts. Pastel and nude coloured furs were pieces to drool over, while the sheer stocking made a comeback, lightly tinting the legs, something I’m still on the fence about for now…













00470h_426x639 (1)




















00410h_426x639 (1)



00390h_426x639 (3)





00320h_426x639 (2)





00190h_426x639 (3)

00180h_426x639 (3)

00240h_426x639 (3)



00060h_426x639 (2)









00100h_426x639 (2)






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