Emilio Pucci AW14

Ok so the Emilio Pucci show is one I wait for every season, and this one (as usual( did not disappoint me, but it did however stump me. When I cam to write this, I thought I have no idea how to explain this or even articulate it. Until it dawned on me, that the only way to descrive this beautiful, expensive, luxe winter collection from Peter Dundas, would be to say: “If Anna Dello Russo was going on vacation to a log cabin in the European snow hills, then this is what I think she would pack to take with her”. There, easy.

00450h_426x639 (1)


00440h_426x639 (2)


00430h_426x639 (1)

00710h_426x639 (1)

00420h_426x639 (1)

00410h_426x639 (2)


00660h_426x639 (1)


00400h_426x639 (1)


00380h_426x639 (2)

00370h_426x639 (1)

00360h_426x639 (1)

00560h_426x639 (1)

00340h_426x639 (1)


00310h_426x639 (1)

00110h_426x639 (2)

00300h_426x639 (2)

00600h_426x639 (1)

00450h_426x639 (2)

00290h_426x639 (1)

00280h_426x639 (1)

00270h_426x639 (2)


00250h_426x639 (2)

00240h_426x639 (1)

00230h_426x639 (3)

00350h_426x639 (2)

00220h_426x639 (1)


00200h_426x639 (2)

00190h_426x639 (1)

00850h_426x639 (1)

00180h_426x639 (2)

00290h_426x639 (2)

00170h_426x639 (2)

00160h_426x639 (1)

00240h_426x639 (2)

00150h_426x639 (2)

00140h_426x639 (1)

00220h_426x639 (2)

00130h_426x639 (2)

00210h_426x639 (1)

00120h_426x639 (1)

00110h_426x639 (1)

00170h_426x639 (3)

00100h_426x639 (1)

00090h_426x639 (1)

00080h_426x639 (1)

00090h_426x639 (2)

00070h_426x639 (1)

00070h_426x639 (2)

00060h_426x639 (1)

00050h_426x639 (2)

00040h_426x639 (1)

00030h_426x639 (1)

00020h_426x639 (2)

00030h_426x639 (2)

00010h_426x639 (2)

00020h_426x639 (3)


One comment

  1. ah-mazing collection. Pure gold by you Dan re: AdR & her European snow hill vacay! absolutely genius. perfect. love your work. Indeed, the collection is so gob-smackingly amazing that words just don’t do it justice, but you have summed it up brilliantly.

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