Blumarine AW14

Im going to keep this short and sweet. Blumarine to me, while very established, is still finding it’s feet in efficient trend setting high end fashion. This collection (to me) was the perfect example of this, with some looks bang on the money while others were, well, still a bit off. The furs are immaculate, as is the gold lame floor length pleated gown, in fact most of the gold is the goods but I feel the satin floral kimono situation is where the confusion is and it just doesn’t seem convincing. In saying this, there’s definitely movement going on here at Blumarine and I feel in the next few coming seasons, the tide may shift and they may settle into some Italian greatness.

_ARC0009.450x675 (1)









_ARC0188.450x675 (1)












_ARC0451.450x675 (1)










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