Tom Ford AW14

Fall for Tom is simplistic and he appears to have pulled back to his basic favs in terms of prints, cuts and shapes. His girl this time around is much more demure (I never thought id use that description in relation to Tom Ford) opting for above the knee length skirts and boxy ‘sensible covered winter jackets. Her feisty Ford side isn’t completely in hiding though, with her penchant for fishnet tights, animal print and shiny sexy leathers still coming out for a whirl. I love Tom Ford and he’s easily in my top 5 fav designers list, and given his usual colour print texture frenzy, it’s easy to feel underwhelmed by this collection as a whole, but upon a second and third look, you’ll find his genius is actually in the styling and individual pieces, making me think a focus on marketability was possibly on the cards this time around.

Ford has also taken on a collaboration with French brand Black Boy Place utilising their Tom Ford jersey designs (as seen on Jay Z) but transforming the popular tees into long sleeved fully sequinned dresses which also happen to have the word Molly printed under the 61 numbers. No big deal there with a Miley Cyrus reference, no big deal.


Tom Ford


Tom Ford










Tom Ford

_ARC0333.450x675 (2)




_ARC0269.450x675 (1)





_ARC0175.450x675 (1)






_ARC0077.450x675 (1)




_ARC0013.450x675 (2)


  1. great review Dan. Hey… a slide/look from Marc by Marc Jacobs seems to have snuck its way into your Tom Ford pics. Just wanted to let you know. There is also one that jumped ship over into Mary Katrantzou’s show (cheeky little buggers!). 🙂

    1. Oh thanks! Yeah wordpress has a habit of doing that during fashion week. Something to do with the file names being the same from Worst part is that it doesn’t show in the draft, only in the actual published version! Either way, drainer! Thanks you xx

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