Preen by Thornton Bregazzi AW14

Ok, now I may have missed something here, so please enlighten me if I have, but whats with the Star Wars references? Last week it was Rodarte and today it’s Preen and honestly it leaves me a little perplexed. Like actually, whats it about? I don’t even dislike the huge Darth Vadar helmut shamelessly plonked onto every second garment, I just don’t get it thats all. But aside from this little conundrum, Preen AW14 is looking the goods, with experimental graphic shapes and 70’s prints splashed all over floaty dresses and parkers. The orange/red capsule was a standout for me, with the huge oversized coat being my personal highlight piece of the entire collection.
































  1. well said Dan. With Rodarte… I was totally down with it. Completely random, something interesting and unique. The fabrics and cuts that the Star Wars’y bits were on leant themselves to it. And, it was only in the last handful of looks. Now this big fat Darth face on every second piece… sure, I get that it’s a statement, but in comparison with the softer way it was done @ Rodarte it seems a bit confronting. My question is… did Preen & Rodarte design staff accidentally have a bit of a chat about the bosses’ plans to pay homage to Yoda et al? it’s really frickin weird both labels happened to go with it in the same season.

  2. Darth ruins some pretty dresses, but I am even more distressed by what looks like orange duct tape randomly applied over some boobs and ruining a beautiful white dress.

    1. Shawna I didn’t even really notice that until you mentioned it!! And now that you have – it does indeed look as though it was randomly tacked on to make the look edgier among all the Darth heads. I was about to ask Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi to please explain when… (Time lapse sequence of me going and watching the video of the show happens here. 10 minutes later….) Ah ha! I see what they did. that look is a bit of a filler/transitioning piece. It exists in the show to help everyone migrate from the bright orange looks into the lacey looks. Thus, the neon gaffa tape was born & breasted! (At least I think I have made some sense of it… anyone with any other ideas is welcome to chime in any time!).

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