Marc Jacobs AW14

As I said on Instagram, Marc knows better than anyone how to get the crowd going, how to stir the pot a bit, how to be the last man standing and last night he did just that. Always the showman, Marc opted for a dreamy trance like state to set the tone for his new endeavours (since leaving the helm at Louis Vuitton) possibly signalling the change of direction and pace in his life. With references from the 60’s and 70’s, this fall collection presented us with soft, easy and cosy shapes to indulge in come winter, which included knitted leggings, tonal fur bombers and sultry watercolour flouncy details. The simple side of this collection will allow a more mainstream sell through, while the high fashion side will keep critics, bloggers and editors happy and with their hands full.

Now on a final note, in case you’ve been sleeping under a rock today, then you may not know that Kendall Jennar (one of the other Kardashian sisters) walked in this show, and did her thing just like any other model. So why mention it you might say? Well I mention it because it’s actually a stroke of PR genius from Marc to not only include her in the show but to dress her in a look that bares her breasts, as this was always bound to get everybody talking. And look at me sitting here talking to you about it. It worked.

Marc Jacobs













_17G0315.450x675 (1)









_17G0242.450x675 (1)
















fe888f44951b11e3af9d1246b2d85d90_8, kendall jennar instagram


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