Alexander Wang AW14

The boys were out at Wang’s Brooklyn showing today. Usually beautiful women, were transformed into hard masculine walking clothes horses via some pretty incredible contouring and a trusty white out of the brow. Wang seems to be more and more about utility adding pockets galore to whatever he could and his trademark sports silhouettes were this season, given the man treatment. Perforated leather and playful musings into colour seemed to almost fuse 2 separate shows into one with a big supermodel packed finale.

alexander wang







Alexander Wang






Alexander Wang











































Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang


  1. man have I done some thinking on this one. I think the Spring 2014 collection was potentially the first time we saw Wang unleash a collection that was likely to receive more criticism from the traditional luxury-brand loving critics than he had been exposed to previously. The Fall ’14 collection seems to push the barrow even further into non-conformity… and it strikes me that this could well be a result of Wang having Balenciaga firing on all cylinders (when many thought he would be the last man for the job post-Ghesquière, he stood up and said [figuratively] “just you wait, you nay sayers!). Simply, he appears to have been entirely liberated. Now he has the cred & the experience (not to mention the commercial success) to run his namesake label however he likes, answering ultimately to no-one. All that being said, this latest offering is weird, fascinating, practical in a literal sense (utilitarian) and yet mostly unwearable in real life in Australia! The textures, laser cuts, neon and the industrial production of the whole show were remarkable. So much of it strange, so much of it making perfect sense. Good on him for shaking it up like no-one else has at NYFW so far this year. Oh, and I personally would wear a number of pieces from that collection and (with a bit of luck…and selling my other kidney) maybe I will. P.s. I love that we are talking about it… I do believe that was his point. 🙂 B.

    1. oh and seriously…. Julia Nobis wearing what can only be described as Charlie Brown’s uniform… I can’t help it, I have to just say WTF?!! Show me the woman who is going to be wearing that casually out on the town! #endrant 🙂

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