Roberto Cavalli SS14

Thank god offer close up detail pictures along with the standard runway shots, because I was about to write this collection off for being aesthetically dreary with ill looking models. Fortunately though, I saw the light (literally) in the detail shots, which show the true colours of the pieces, as opposed to the regular runway shots, which seem to wash out both the models and the clothes.

Anyway, enough complaining. Roberto Cavalli has played with the boho theme for a few seasons now and this time he’s has given us Pretty Pastel Vintage Boho babe. Lightly draped furs over the one shoulder of intricate fully beaded gowns and tassel detailing seemed to reference the 20’s and maybe 30’s but was not to be the main theme of this collection. Long and lacey, sheer and streamlined, casual and layered were the boho girls of the runway, dripping in copious amounts of beading to ensure their value was literally worn on their sleeve. A beautiful and red carpet ready collection, this was yet another signal of the dreamy floaty soft season we are entering for summer.

_D7Q0005.450x675 _D7Q0029.450x675 CAV_0523.450x675 CAV_0526.450x675 _D7Q0075.450x675 CAV_0549.450x675 CAV_0591.450x675 _D7Q0203.450x675 CAV_0630.450x675 _D7Q0286.450x675 CAV_0654.450x675 CAV_0664.450x675 CAV_0689.450x675 CAV_0701.450x675 CAV_0717.450x675 _D7Q1212.450x675 CAV_0760.450x675 CAV_0772.450x675 CAV_0788.450x675 _D7Q0465.450x675 CAV_0801.450x675 _D7Q0595.450x675 CAV_0812.450x675 CAV_0854.450x675 _D7Q0758.450x675 (1) CAV_0882.450x675 CAV_0900.450x675 _D7Q1030.450x675 CAV_0914.450x675 CAV_0925.450x675 CAV_0945.450x675 CAV_0966.450x675 CAV_0987.450x675 CAV_1011.450x675 _D7Q0965.450x675 CAV_1028.450x675 CAV_1038.450x675 CAV_1066.450x675 CAV_1084.450x675 CAV_1102.450x675 CAV_1122.450x675

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