Emilio Pucci SS14

This is hands down my favourite show of Milan Fashion Week so far. The end.

Ok so what’s interesting about this collection is that Peter Dundas has wandered quite far from the traditional heritage of the Pucci house, embracing the seemingly forever ongoing sports luxe trend, in favour of the traditional more formal Pucci offering. As one of the most prestigious (and most exxy, yes, even for a high end designer) European design houses, Dundas has always kept Pucci just slightly out of reach for even those well to do fashionistas, focusing on luxe (translate = expensive) day to evening wear which is usually only ever seen on the back of A list celebrities and random nameless European millionaires. As a result, the ‘street trend’ influence has never even touched the sides of Peter Dundas yacht, let alone his sketch pad. Up until now.

Scuba suits cut down to just a crop jacket, leather track biker joggers and just the right amount of mesh came down the runway paired back with overly intricate beaded tanks, jackets and a 90’s throwback beaded skirt emblazoned with PUCCI 1947 (the year of birth for the house) is sure to be seen on the street next season. Dundas however, did not totally disregard previous Pucci ideals, still offering up the famous scarf print, but in a more wearable and modern way, in wrap skirts and floaty maxi dresses cut in sharply at the décolletage. So while this is new territory for Pucci and Dundas, I should point out that I feel there were subtle influences from Balmain in the beaded mini and heavyweight belt options and also from Versace in the later more formal looks and also accoutrement. Not that this matters, but I feel the future success of some of these Pucci pieces will mimick the recent street obsession with both these houses, a very good thing for Pucci. Anyway, I digress.

Despite the more modern connection this collection may make, don’t for a second be fooled into thinking that this will translate into physical accessibility, with the workmanship on each and every individual piece being second to none, ensuring only an A list celeb income will support the purchase of these amazing pieces. So for now, lets admire lovingly at distance…










emilio pucci ss14 milan fashion week stylesnooperdan



emilio pucci ss14 milan fashion week stylesnooperdan








emilio pucci ss14 milan fashion week stylesnooperdan







emilio pucci ss14 milan fashion week stylesnooperdan



















emilio pucci ss14 milan fashion week stylesnooperdan



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